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Posted on Feb 14, 2013

This is a timed auction and our first where the bidding will be carried out entirely online. It really couldn’t be easier:

  • You simply have to register in order to bid and provide debit/credit card details.
  • No money is charged to the card and accounts can be settled by cheque, cash, brank transfer or card through de Veres as normal.
  • For the less brave you can leave written bids with de Veres at our office.


If you have any queries regarding the bidding you can contact our office.



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Posted on Feb 14, 2013


The sale comprises 120 lots of Irish Art at prices from €50 - €5,000. Artists represented include Tony O’Malley, Patrick Collins, Maurice MacGonigal, Robert Ballagh, Sean McSweeney, Barrie Cooke, Maurice Wilks, Felim Egan, Charles Tyrrell, Fergus O’Ryan, Neil Shawcross, John Behan, Henry Healy, etc.


We go on view next Monday, February 18th from our offices at 35 Kildare Street
Viewing Times: Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 5pm

Sunday, 24th February, 12pm – 4pm.


This will be our first auction where bidding will be carried out entirely online, through It really couldn’t be easier, you simply have to pre-register in order to bid. Full details available here and if you have any queries regarding the bidding, our staff are available to help.

The sale comprises 120 lots of Irish Art at prices ranging from €50 - €5,000.

• 12 works by Markey Robinson.


Love him or hate him, no other artist sells more than Markey. In an art world where artists frequently copy each other there is no doubt that Markley was his own man, with his own distinct style. We have for auction a dozen works that were acquired directly from the artist by the vendor, comprising charming sketches and gouaches of the typical landscape, as well as coastal views, boats and also Still Life’s. Estimates are conservative, starting at €100.

• From a Paris Studio….

Directly from a Paris studio we have 10 works by French artist Remy Hetreau. Still Life oils and gouaches of Paris and Parisien maidens make up an interesting collection of works.

• A Corporate Collection
20 lots make up a Corporate Collection to be sold at nominal reserves. This is a great opportunity to acquire original artwork, by recognised names, without breaking the bank. This residual collection was put together over the last 25 years by a Dublin firm and include works by Gerald Davis, Peter Pearson and Tim Goulding.

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