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Posted on Oct 26, 2011

It does cost money to sell a picture at auction, otherwise we wouldn't be here, yet clients can still be hit for not selling a particular work at auction. On behalf of a client I have just paid a London Auction house €500 to return a painting that due to their valuation never had any chance of selling in the first place. ‘Catalogue fees’, ‘Photography’, ‘Insurance’, ‘Internet fees’, ‘Storage’. These are the explanations given for the charges incurred, for a work that they failed to sell. They seem to earn more for not selling a picture than we do for selling it! The old adage that Irish paintings “do better in London’’ is wrong, the market for Irish pictures is in Ireland.

A vendor shouldn’t in any way be fooled by these charges. It costs the client nothing to store a painting, nothing to upload it to a website, nothing to photograph it and nothing to catalogue it. This is all done ‘in house’. Equally to charge an extra 1.5% ‘insurance’, every respected Auction House carries a permanent Insurance policy against all stock.

We at de Veres only charge a set fee for selling a painting. All the ‘extras’ listed above are included, as what else is the fee for? Also we would not expect to earn a fee for something we failed to do and therefore do not charge a client for any work unsold.

Maybe we should start charging clients to park outside our office…..RTE would owe us a fortune.


Rory Guthrie.

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The Sunday Sale

Posted on Oct 18, 2011

The fully illustrated catalogue for our sale this weekend is now online. 260 lots are on offer including Paddy Collins, Taylor Carson, Markey, Eric Patton, etc, works at reduced estimates and some with no reserve at all. It really is a great opportunity for collectors and new buyers to purchase art without breaking the bank. We find the 'Sunday Sales' a great success and very popular with our clients. Viewers have the opportunity to attend the auctions in person or leave bids. The auction is on Sunday at 2pm with viewing on Saturday, 10-5 and Sunday, 10-1. I hope to see you there.

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