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Jet lagged but home at last

Posted on Mar 29, 2011

Just returned from Sydney where I handed over my son to a lovely Australian girl. A great city, but you need a lot of money to get around. I would like to thank Rory and all at de Veres for keeping things going so well, the truth is I wasn’t really missed.

The clearance sale we held in my absence was a huge success with lots of new buyers acquiring original artwork at good value. Buyers and vendors were all delighted with the outcome.

I’m afraid jetlag made me sleep through the Irish sale at Sotheby’s today. I have just gone through the prices realised and spoken to some people who attended the sale. The general view is that the sale results were very positive, with Irish Art holding up extremely well. It’s something we have been saying for some time at de Veres but there is no doubt that buyers are out there for accurately estimated works and the fresher the better.

We are pleased with the quality of artworks coming in for our May sale. Enda & Co appear to be doing a good job and things can only get better.

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The road home

Posted on Mar 21, 2011

Apologies for no blog last week, I was at the Cheltenham Races while John is still on his world tour. Thankfully, i covered my costs with six winners. I can’t imagine John can say the same about his trip! He returns later this week.

Whytes results last week were very encouraging for the market. Great to see George Russell sell so well. We have a lovely one coming up in our next sale on May 17th. I’ve placed it in the window of you are passing.

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